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Anthony McIlroy
Published on
On the 31 March your Profit & Loss slate will be wiped clean. The excesses of the 2014/15 year can be forgotten and the only person left interested the year gone by will be the Tax Man.
As you begin your new financial year, so too does your opportunity have a more successful business.

So start as you mean to go on. Take charge by preparing your Plan for Success. It'll see your pockets lined for the rest of the year.


Planning is a bit like a gym subscription

Thankfully, we're not talking about about a new methodology. This post is about the tried and true method of setting a goal, or plan, and then sticking to it.
But much like the gym subscription you joined up for in spring last year, it requires dedication and effort to pull it off. The difference is that in business there's no 'blood' - hopefully. If you set achievable goals and measure them along the way, you'll end up with a business that looks and behaves the way you need it to. Come to think about it there’s really only upsides to setting your goals, more money is just one of them.

You might benefit from a 'Personal Trainer'

The degree of success you have in achieving your goals is another another thing to think about. Are you the sort of person that needs a bit of encouragement, or benefits from having someone else to help you motivated and on track. It's no big deal if you are. Just like having a personal trainer at the gym, business advisors are there to guide you, make sure you're working on the right things to achieve your goals and to help you get there. In the end you are the one that has to make it happen.

The tools of our trade

As business advisors we guide you with professional wisdom and insight on your journey to success. We'll use tools to:
  • identify your business's strengths and weaknesses and understand what it looks like now,
  • help you work out some smart, measurable & achievable goals,
  • identify what your business's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) need to be, and
  • develop strategies for success.
Our aim is to get the best outcome for you. We'll help keep you motivated by understanding what your carrot is, then keeping it in front of you till you achieve your ideal goal. You get to recognise and celebrate your successes on the way.

A successful outcome is a win-win outcome

Come this time next year you could be rewarding yourself with that now affordable, long overdue overseas holiday. Or perhaps, you’ve gotten things to a point in your business where you can now step back from the day-to-day work and focus more on the future direction of the business and yourself.
There really isn’t much to lose and everything to gain. And we get the satisfaction in knowing that we helped you be more successful this year.
So what are you waiting for? To be more successful this year than last year call us on 09 520 9200 or email

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