Financial Advice

At Alliott NZ we want to help you build a stronger financial future. We believe the key to you achieving this is to define your business and life goals and then ensure you are well protected and advised in the financial areas that support them. For example, risk management, insurance and the development of investment portfolios.

We pride ourselves on our sound understanding of business and investment practices and our genuine interest in your financial well-being. Should you wish to seek financial advice, Michael Beech is a third-party advisor.

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Michael Beech, CFA

Third-Party Referral for Financial Advice

Michael is an experienced investment specialist and is responsible for providing investment advice as well as managing investment portfolios for some Alliott NZ clients.

Michael studied finance at the University of Otago and went on to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (he is a professional member of the CFA institute). His background is funds management. Following this he has been working as an investment adviser since 2006. Michael is authorised by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial and investment advice.