What Clients Say

Simon Paterson | Director | Allan Hall Business Advisors

"Their feedback and advice were instrumental in our move from a legacy system to Xero."

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We have a very good working relationship with our Alliott NZ friends, Greg and Vanessa in Auckland. They have successfully implemented Xero in their practice, and when we were considering changing our Practice to a Xero practice we reached out to them for help.

Their feedback and advice were instrumental in our decision to move from our legacy system to Xero.

Specifically, their direction as to planning, resource requirements, timing and Xero support made our work so much easier.

The guidance in those areas resulted in time savings and efficiencies in our implementation schedule, and importantly our accountant's uptake of the Xero way of working.

The efficiencies we have experienced, as a result of reaching out and getting valuable assistance from Alliott NZ, have been most evident in our time to implement. We have successfully implemented our own Xero pathway, in a matter of months, not years, without losing any traction in our client work program.

I really believe it was the reassurances from Greg and Vanessa, that in part enabled us to really focus on a swift transition to Xero.

We did not use a committee approach, we used a small Project X team that would introduce the changes, prepare video training and post-implementation 'first responder" support.

Our small and attentive project team was able to get traction and resolution of any issues, as they arose, without the need to involve a lot of Project team members in every single point.

Having this support and advice on Project X implementation approach has saved us significant internal resource time, that we do not underestimate.

The usual Xero efficiencies have resulted in our practice post-implementation, which is reassuring, and also the feedback from our team members, that their ways of working are now much more efficient have also been improvements that we have experienced.

The Xero platform and open API's, along with the ongoing support and suggestions from our friends at Alliott NZ about complimentary add-in applications, have been key for us in our journey to successful implementation of the Xero suite at Allan Hall.

James McKee | Managing Director | Fracture

"With Alliott NZ it feels like we have our own Financial Officer on staff."

James McKee - Fracture

Fracture's relationship with Alliott NZ stretches back ten years, a couple of years after James and his business partners started their web design company in 2002.

"We were a team of young '20-somethings' that concluded pretty early on that to grow our business and be successful, we needed a good accountant to keep track of the financial side of things for us."

Today they are one of New Zealand's most well-respected design agencies and they trust Alliott NZ to take care of managing their accounts.

"They are genuine people and over the years we've developed a great relationship. They handle everything for us from invoicing to tax, year-end, Xero management and all the seemingly little things that they do in between. It feels like we have our own Financial Officer on staff."

Astar | Owner and Presenter | Astar's Place

"I have been with Greg Millar for 25 years."

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Alliotts client Astar is taking those good ol' values we learnt from our grannies and imparting them to a younger gen who've missed out, mostly in the US. Did we mention she has over 100k YouTube followers? And the only place is East as far as Astar's concerned! Greg Millar has enjoyed watching Astar's career blossom from farm to flowers to fans.

"When I started out, I knew that the best way forward was to be in a bigger place, which was Auckland at the time. Once I left deer farming behind and started exploring new opportunities like running floral art classes, GST coincided so a student introduced me to Greg Millar."

"Greg is interested in the numbers; the only thing I like about numbers is that zero and eight are symmetrical shapes so I leave all the other numbers to him."

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Nils & Sue Danielsen | Directors | Wildfire Commercial Kitchens & Bars

"Alliott NZ's sound business advice has helped us to achieve some major milestones in the growth of our business."

What clients say Nils and Sue

With the help of Alliott NZ over the years Nils has grown the business from one man and a desk to a team of people designing commercial kitchens and bars for customers in New Zealand and Australia.

"They've advised us on everything from cash flow management and achieving higher sales to expanding overseas and trade finance. Plus they've been there for us during the tough times with sound business advice, and on the big jobs to help us manage risk."

In 17 years of working with Alliott NZ, Nils and Sue have had no need to switch accountants.

"They are genuinely interested in our business, accessible, proactive in their approach and consistent in what they do. They've been with us every step of the way and we feel like we're more than just another customer."

Siro Fuatai | Doctor | Bader Drive Healthcare

"They've helped me to provide a profitable healthcare practice."


In business for 20 years, Siro has learned to navigate the complexities of the New Zealand health system to become a successful healthcare provider running two community-focused practices in South Auckland. With the help of Alliott NZ over the last 16 years he has learned to combine clinical efficiency with business efficiency to great effect.

"They've helped me to establish a profitable healthcare practice by assisting with the initial set up of my administrative systems and processes and by providing me with sound business advice when I've needed it. Alliott NZ's understanding of the primary health sector has enabled me to realise the practise's full potential.

Siro believes that the Alliott NZ difference is what sets them apart from other small business accountancy firms.

"It's the little things that count. I get excellent, proactive service and value for money with no hidden costs. The team at Alliott NZ are always available to discuss the things that I feel are important for my business and, quite often, I find they're already researching regulatory changes that are likely to affect it."

Juliette Hogan | Business Owner | juliette hogan ltd

"I've become a more competent business owner thanks to Alliott NZ."

Juliette Hogan what clients say

Juliette hadn't had much luck with accountants since starting her fashion label in 2004. She'd been through four accountants before someone finally recommended Alliott NZ.

"It was hard work finding an accountant that would take me and my business seriously. Someone to help me achieve my vision of a successful future, not just prepare my annual accounts.

For Juliette it was refreshing to finally work with people who took a genuine interest in what she was trying to do, who took time to understand her business and knew at any given moment what was going on with it financially. Over the course of the last four years Alliott NZ have become more than just an accountant, they've become a trusted advisor to Juliette's business.

"I've become a more competent business owner thanks to Alliott NZ. They've advised me on strategy, growth, planning and how to bring all together to create a successful, growing business."

Zachary Lawrence-Sansbury | General Manager | Armitage Group

"I rely far more on Hugh in a mentoring capacity, to bounce around ideas and seek his cautious accounting mind."


Auckland's award-winning Armitage Group, operating in New Zealand since 1994, is a well-known supplier of preference to private sector infrastructure engineers and developers, civil contractors and government authorities. As a technology integrator with four offices in New Zealand and Australia, Armitage supplies, installs and maintains electronic and mechanical systems in the areas of Security, Fire Protection, CCTV, Building Management and Intelligent Transportation Systems and expanded their portfolio to include a Monitoring and Surveillance division providing a 24/7 support across all the business areas.

As General Manager Zachary knew and had worked with Hugh Bowden on tax and accounting in his previous company role, he naturally leant on Hugh to assist with structuring and transitioning Armitage Group from the legacy the founder had left.

"Hugh had been my accountant since 2004 but was involved with Paul more intensively years before," says Zachary. "Since Paul's illness we came to rely on Hugh a great deal more to the extent that he is now a close family friend and much more than our accountant."

"I like my core institutions not to change and the strength those foundations provide. I get those consistent relationships from Hugh and his team."

"With accountancy not being my core skillset, Hugh meets with me before and during major bank meetings. Thanks to this approach, we are a lot more open to partnering with our bank which creates greater support and allows us to put more intelligent structures in place."

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