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Greg Millar
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How to improve your recruitment outcomes

As competition intensifies and buyers readily compare suppliers, world-class customer services and getting the best possible employees becomes increasingly important.

perform-710This puts additional stress on the recruitment process as employers go about finding new staff. Who really can afford the costs of making a mistake these days, as well as the costs of separating mistakes from your business? The answer lies in extending your recruitment process and making it more reliable and accurate.

Employers need to cut the odds of making critical recruitment mistakes as well as quickly locating new staff with the skills needed to “hit the ground running”.

This is where objective testing comes in to play.

What employers need is access to a range of multipurpose tests which address these questions head-on in an inexpensive and easily understood fashion. There is also great validity to the assessments and reliability of recruitment outcomes is increase dramatically with the use of objective assessments.

Categories of tests now available include personality, sales, accounting, banking clerical, digital literacy, software, legal, medical, retail and HR skills and many more. Ordering tests is seamless and candidate access is very easy.

If you would like to improve your recruitment and selection processes then call Alliotts in Auckland on 09 520 9200 to make an introduction. HR Contracting have over 30 years’ experience in human resources and have access to an extensive library of online tests which can quickly and inexpensively assess behaviour, cognitive ability and skills. They also have a huge catalogue of position descriptions and have conducted over 30,000 selection interviews. This experience combined gives a superior prediction of job performance and the information needed to make training and development decisions.

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