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Vanessa Williams
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Cybersafety strategy — application control

After the series of cyber-attacks last year, it's critical to safeguard your business and customer information from cyber incidents.

Businesses hold the keys to their customers' lives on their devices and are responsible for keeping that information safe from cybercriminals.

We're encouraging business owners to put 'cyber safety' at the top of their priority list for 2023.

Implementing a mitigation strategy is a great place to start.

Put simply, application control involves you putting together a list of computer apps and/or downloadable programs that are 'authorised' as being legitimate and safe to use. You then add these authorised apps to your computer's application control feature. These features act as your computer's security guard, ensuring that you can only download and use the approved list of apps that can be on your computer.

Doing this can minimise the risk of malicious code (also known as malware) being downloaded onto your systems, which can then disrupt, damage, or even gain unauthorised access to your computer systems.

It's important that you regularly review the list of approved apps and remove any you no longer need.

It's also crucial that you test the application control to make sure it works. Simply try and download an app that isn't on your authorised list and make sure your system blocks the download.

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Source: ATO

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