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Vanessa Williams
Published on

Microsoft has recently integrated artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its Office apps such as Outlook and Word

This move is aimed at enhancing the user experience and increasing productivity.

With the integration of AI tools, Outlook can now predict and prioritise emails based on the user's preferences and past behaviour. This feature is called "Focused Inbox," which automatically separates important emails from other emails.

Word, on the other hand, now has a new feature called "Ideas." This feature uses AI to provide suggestions to users on how to improve their writing. It can also help with grammar, sentence structure, and even suggest more appropriate words to use.

The integration of AI tools in Office apps is just one example of how Microsoft is utilising AI to enhance its products and services. Microsoft has also integrated AI into its search engine Bing and its digital assistant Cortana.

The use of AI technology in Microsoft's products and services is expected to increase in the coming years, as the company aims to improve its user experience and stay competitive in the tech industry.


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