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Xero user experience hasn’t been up to scratch

Xero acknowledges that their customers have had an unacceptable experience when using the Xero platform lately. 

iStock 000014777263XSmallA single release or technology upgrade has not triggered this. Each year Xero puts through tens of thousands of releases, some big and some small. 

Xero recently experienced a series of different unrelated issues, which means they needed to resolve all of these independently – so no quick fix. 

However – they are working to put some improvements in place.

Here’s what Xero is committing to so that a consistent experience can be restored:

  • Effective immediately, Xero is committing to a period of at least six weeks where we will only implement critical changes to their systems so Xero user experience is not impacted
  • They are working on engineering processes to increase the rigour around platform updates and releases
  • They have a team focused on increasing the robustness of the Navigation bar, which has been unreliable. This work is already underway.

Xero's teams are all behind this and are confident these actions will result in the better performance of their platform. Xero will continue to monitor the platform closely to ensure there are no issues.

Site performance is extremely important to everyone at Xero and customer experience core to everything Xero does.

Source: Xero

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