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Greg Millar
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More than a few pretty graphs

xero-Business-Performance-feature-release Screenshots 1320x880 02-@2x-971Xero’s Business Performance dashboard was released last month and marks the start of a new wave of Xero functionality with new, more powerful insights into the health and performance of your business.

Giving Xero users more than just an online accounting application.

Elevate your business to the next step toward being profitable and successful by taking all the information Xero processes – invoices, bills, payments, expenses, assets – and use it to provide even more insights into the health of your business that would otherwise have taken hours of manual input from other dashboards and reports:
  • shows you how the performance of your business ebbs and flows from month-to-month
  • highlights seasonal variations to help you prepare for the months ahead
  • shows you trends in your business that aren’t obvious running reports month-to-month

What else can it do?

Together with your accountant, imagine setting thresholds for your business performance metrics. Imagine knowing if you exceed a threshold. How would you feel if you were then contacted before issues become critical?

As a business owner, imagine if you could ask Xero, “Am I paying too much for a business in my line of work on travel?”. Or, “…is it me, or do all businesses in my region have a winter slowdown?”.

Work together with your accountant on simple visualisations and key metrics which lead to improved business practices, more profits, more staff, feeding the economy. The clearer your business is understood, the more informed decision-making can be.

Xero’s Business Performance Dashboard enables small business owners to better understand their financial data and work together with their accountants to improve business success.
Click here to check out the video for an overview of the dashboard and the value it provides, or call Alliotts today on 09 520 9200 about setting up Xero's Business Performance dashboard in your business.

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