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Anthony McIlroy
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Four leading New Zealand trade industry experts came together to urge builders and construction businesses to seize the opportunities in the market place to make more money whilst doing less paperwork.

0815 Tradie event audience-652At this week’s Make more money, do less paperwork event hosted by Alliott NZ Chartered Accountants, Tradeworx and Lawyers Duncan Cotterrill, more than 25 trade sector business owners attended a special session held in Jubilee Hall Parnell.

The presentation was packed with practical advice, tackling head-on the challenges faced by business owners operating in the building sector, with insights from leading NZ industry specialists.

Themed around getting a good support network of professionals and taking advantage of the readily available technology to increase their bottom line, minimise risks associated with the industry and get more “time” back for business owners.

Lawyer Karen Overend covered the Construction Contracts and Building Acts; Tradeworx’s Glenn Morris and Aimie Skelton looked at why some construction businesses outperform others and showcased the cloud software available to get the right information at the right time. 

Alliott NZ’s Anthony McIlroy highlighted that, when armed with good financial information, business owners can drive accountability on the financial impact of decisions and generate better leadership, goal achievement and ultimately financial success with less effort.

Anthony said, “Whether a trade business is turning over $150K or $30M, the topics covered help to improve bottom line, better manage risk, bring greater clarity to business performance and help plan for the future.”


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