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Greg Millar
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Auckland’s Milan Dell doesn’t advertise his electrical contracting business like most.

Electrician installing outdoor connections on multifamily house-859He doesn’t need to thanks to the reputation and word of mouth he has built up over the last 15 years, and the great work his father did before that.

And, for 25 years now, the Dells have used Alliott NZ to look after their business and personal tax affairs.

Between their business and Greg Millar, they have a very streamlined set up in place.

Milan has an excellent operational understanding of business and his wife Paula is an accountant so manages the administration and day-to-day accounting.

Between Alliott NZ and Dell Electrical, there are several checkpoints in place to ensure things are working well and tax is paid in a timely and efficient manner. And, in a fast paced and highly regulated industry, Milan feels it’s good to have consistency with the numbers.

It means he is free to organise his electricians and meet his clients.

“Soon after taking over the business 15 years ago, it expanded quickly,” says Milan. “Dad didn’t want to get any bigger when he was at the helm; he had a nice little set up.”

“Now, because of the way we run things, I can address the changes in our industry by streamlining our core business but meet the needs of clients by having conversations about other services they need and how we might be able to connect them with the right expertise.”

“With the broadening of our approach, we’ve been able to make a name for ourselves as being conscientious, professional and value for money in the Auckland residential market. All work is completed to a high standard and to owners’ specific needs and satisfaction.”
Milan and Paula run a tight ship and keep their overheads low, and they want piece of mind.

“You hear things about other operators in our industry – like having five-figure tax fines – which reminds you that you have to be careful.”

“We’re very happy with Alliotts; they run a good ship and we’ve never had any problems with our tax and accounting,” says Milan. “They’re reputable and give us confidence by keeping the tax man at bay.”

“Dealing with Greg makes running our business much easier. Whether it’s me and him sitting down to discuss our affairs, or the contact he has with Paula, our business is consistently performing thanks to the help we receive from Alliott NZ.”
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