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Xero Projects

Time entry details on project invoices


  • Create a tasks & expenses invoice for chargeable tasks and expenses that you haven't invoiced your customer for yet.
  • Once invoiced, you can’t delete a task or expense, but you can add more time to a task.

How it works

  • Invoice for all uninvoiced time entries, or all time from a specific period.
  • Time entries are marked as invoiced when a draft invoice is created.
  • If a quantity or unit price is changed on an invoice, it will display in the Invoices tab of the project. The uninvoiced total under Time & expenses in the Tasks & expenses tab doesn't update.
  • Tasks and task amounts change according to the selected time period. Tasks will only display if there are uninvoiced time entries in the selected date range.
  • If you want to add chargeable time or chargeable expenses as a single amount on your customer’s invoice, create a project amount invoice instead.
  • You can also invoice a customer deposit on a project and later apply it as a credit.

Add a tasks & expenses invoice to a project

  1. In the Projects menu, select All projects.
  2. Click the project name.
  3. Click Invoice, then select Tasks & expenses.
  4. Under Confirm items to invoice, click All uninvoiced time to change the time period.
  5. Select the Tasks and Expenses you want to show as invoice line items. 
  6. Under Options, you can display tasks or time entries on the invoice: 
    • Select Tasks to display each task as a line item.
    • Select Time Entries to display each time entry as a line item. When you choose this option, you can select or clear the Line Item Details checkboxes to control what’s included in the line item description.
  7. (Optional) Clear the checkboxes of any deposits you don’t want to display on the invoice.
  8. Click one of the following:
    • Save draft to complete the invoice later. You can view and open the invoice on the project’s Invoices tab.
    • Save and open draft invoice to open the invoice in Xero. You can approve and send it from there.

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