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Rose McNair
Published on

Xero has come up with another innovative way to save you time and money.

Invoice Reminders!

reminder man-546Now you can set up a prompt in Xero software to automatically send out Invoice reminders to your customers.

No chasing up payments, sending another invoice paper copy or having an awkward phone conversation.

Note the invoice reminder prompt is not just for overdue invoices but also for those coming due for payment.

Here’s how it works

To turn Invoice Reminders on for your business:
  1. Choose >Settings> General Settings>Invoice Settings
  2. Click on the Invoice Reminders Tab >Tick the box –Email Customers when an invoice is, and follow pick your choices then Click >Save when complete.

When you save the Invoice Reminder prompt it creates a templated email.

While this is generic you can create a more personalised message by editing this template to suit your needs.

What if you don’t want to send invoice reminders to all your customers?

This, too, is easily sorted! Xero allows you to pick and choose to whom you want to send Invoice Reminders.

Go to the Contacts Tab, choose that particular customer, click options and turn invoice reminder off or on, whichever is applicable.

“What if”, I hear you ask, “I want Invoice Reminders to go out for specific invoices only for a customer not all outstanding invoices?”

Well, then you go to the Sales Tab and look at all the invoices under the “Awaiting Payment” or “Overdue” tab then you can tick the box next to that particular invoice, choose to drop down on the “MORE” tab and choose to turn Invoice Reminders OFF or On.

Remember, though, for managing Invoice Reminders from the Contacts Tab or Sales Tab, you must have this option turned on in Settings.

Even better, Xero's Invoice Reminder feature is available when you click on the “Awaiting Payments” and ” Overdue” list of invoices saving you those few extra clicks to setup via the Settings Tab.

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