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Vanessa Williams
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Consider it polygamy of sorts.

service-30If you want to stay in business long and prosper, you have to commit to your customers. It’s no longer enough just to satisfy them. The quality of a business' revenue is as important as its quantity. Loyal customers represent quality revenue.

Let’s take for example a small restaurant located in San Francisco’s Mission district. Casa Sanchez has been making tortillas for years in San Francisco’s Mission district. Routinely customer’s leave with a full stomach and contented smiles, which is nothing less than you’d expect of a successful restaurant.

But the truly unique thing about Casa Sanchez is its ability to create and foster loyal customers. Casa Sanchez customers go beyond being just loyal; they are true advocates in every sense of the word. Loyal to the point where more than 40 Casa Sanchez customers have paid between $80-$120 to have the company logo (Jimmy the Cornman) forever tattooed on their body – and there’s a waiting list of advocates willing to do the same. That’s taking loyalty to the extreme!

Fred Reichheld has spent many years investigating companies that get loyalty right. He has identified six common principles that these loyalty leaders share:

  1. Preach what you practice
  2. Play to win-win
  3. Be picky
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Reward the right results
  6. Listen hard, talk straight.

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It’s great if every customer walks away from your business with a smile. But it’s not enough. They have to be compelled to come back for more. And, merely satisfying your customer does not guarantee they’ll be repeat customers.

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