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Rose McNair
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Recording Expense Claims in Xero

iphone inside screen-87Recording expense claims in Xero might sometimes feel a bit niggly so here is a reminder of how to do this using the Xero Mobile App:

Download the Xero Mobile App on your phone from the App store if you use iOS, or get it on Google Play for an Android phone. Once done you can start using the App by doing the following:

Open the Xero App. Click on Receipts>Plus Key at the top right-hand corner.

Then take a photo of the receipt or, if you prefer, take the photo as you normally would take a photo before adding it to the App. If you choose the latter then you simply upload the photo from your photo gallery.

Then the fun bit starts. You complete the details of the payment including what it was for (fuel, parking, etc), who you paid (Caltex or Broadway Parking). Fill in the date and allocate it to the expense code. Add the amount and as the French would say “voila” you are DONE! Literally.

Just like that! No carrying around hordes of receipts or trying to remember where you put them.

Recording your expenses on the fly might mean losing out on selfie time but taking photos is certainly fun and even better if it improves organising your expenses when it comes to claiming deductions accurately.

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