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Greg Millar
Published on

It’s an age-old saying – Practise what you preach

customer reviewsFast-forward to today and you could change that to practice it and do it at Internet speed. But it would be dangerous to let action be the only focus. It might seem goofy, touchy-feely or even frivolous, but every company has to have core values.

The founders of the great industrial companies understood perfectly well that in order to prosper, a business had to deliver value to its customers and employees as well as to its investors.

At Casa Sanchez, a core value is family. The Sanchez family wants customers to feel like they are sitting down to a meal Mexican-family style. A place where there is music, conversation, laughter. A place where everyone knows your name, like it or not.

This core value of creating a family dinner experience is what drives the employees to get to know their customers by name, to know a little about their lives and to smile at every patron. The idea of family is also behind the window that displays all the photos of the customers who have tattooed the logo on their various body parts. They are a family in their own right.

If the owners had never had such a clear vision and never communicated to their employees the enthusiasm for such a place, Casa Sanchez would be no different than Taco Bell. It would be just another place to eat. The Sanchez family doesn’t just tell employees that it is their job to get to know their customers. They lead by example - sitting down with patrons, calling out their names as they come in and keeping the enthusiasm and energy high.

Even the recipes come from the grandmother in Zacatecas Mexico, which is proudly announced to patrons and visitors of the company website. In every interview, upon every visit and on every page of the Casa Sanchez website, there is mention of family.

Casa Sanchez practices and preaches its values and then it preaches about it some more. Your business can too. Need more help to grow your business? Call the team at Alliotts in Auckland today on 09 520 9200.

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