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Greg Millar
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Being picky applies to your other great asset as well, your employees

employees-421You have an obligation to be picky about whom you hire - an obligation to your company, your customers and your other team members. Membership should be seen as a privilege. Not only does it inspire hard work but it fosters greater retention.

People value what they have to work hard for to earn.

Casa Sanchez is not the appropriate home for the people in search of a quiet and spice-less meal in anonymity. The Sanchez family would be sure to fail if they thought they could fit the bill for this crowd. But they succeed because they know whom they want to serve, what their purpose is and what keeps the customers they want to serve and can serve coming back.

This does not mean feel free to let loose on those customers who annoy you. Nor does it mean that “no” is the appropriate response whenever someone feels like it. It means that your company absolutely, positively must be clear about which customers it can satisfy and it must commit to surpassing their wildest expectations of customer service. This is what distinguishes the satisfied customer from the loyal customer.

Believe it or not, the Sanchez family has a waiting list and an application process for getting permission to have the Jimmy the Cornman logo tattooed on your body. Membership in this family is exclusive. It also brings you a lifetime of free burritos anytime you want, as long as you flash the tat and prove membership in this family. Only one tattoo house is permitted to tattoo the logo and only those who have submitted an application and have been approved are granted access to the free burritos, a photo in the window and status as true Casa Sanchez family.  

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