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Vanessa Williams
Published on

NZ IRD will temporarily close to implement transformation changes

As they have with our previous changes, NZ IRD will temporarily close most of their customer-facing systems while they implement the next round of changes.

New Picture (12)The IRD will turn off their current system from 3 pm 9 April until the morning of 16 April. This includes two business days and phone and online services will be unavailable during that time. Please note that on 16 April COVID-19 restrictions will still apply, front offices will be closed, and phone services will be severely limited. 

During the closedown period, the IRD will continue to support MSD in approving wage subsidy applications, and will continue to make all expected payments, including Working for Families payments.

What this means for other activities during the closedown period:
  • You can still pay your bill through your bank as you normally would and access their website.
  • If you have draft returns or draft secure mail in myIR, these will be deleted. Be sure to complete these before 3 pm on Thursday 9 April so you don’t lose them.
  • Employment Information (EI) returns for payday filing that are due over the temporary closedown can be filed on Friday 17 April.
  • For returns due on 9 April note that our systems will be unavailable from 3 pm.
  • If you receive weekly or fortnightly Working for Families payments and are expecting a payment on either Tuesday 14 April or Wednesday 15 April, you will receive your payment early, on Thursday 9 April or Friday 10 April.
Please reach out to Alliotts' team by emailwebsite, Zoom video, social messaging (links are below) or phone us on +64 9 520 9200. Many of you already deal with us exclusively via these methods and will experience no service change. We are very experienced in working remotely and welcome any enquiries you may have.

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