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Manage job time, costs and profitability

xero projects-229If you’re a small business, it’s important to know which jobs deliver the best return on investment, and which ones need to be reined in.

Cue projects in Xero: a simple way to capture, track and report on the time and money spent on each job so you can proactively invoice, make informed decisions and manage your business more efficiently.

Projects is a great fit for small businesses. Now you can enjoy visibility across all your jobs – which makes it easier to plan ahead, stick to budget and focus on the right work.

Ultimately, projects helps drive business efficiency and profitability.

Today, projects has been designed with small service industries in mind – so if you have simple job costing and tracking needs, then projects is for you. If your job tracking needs are more complex, watch this space because we’re working on even more awesome functionality. Soon, everyone from architects, engineers and tradies, larger accounting and legal firms and more can make use of this helpful tool.

If projects sounds right for you, get the scoop below:

What is it?

Projects in Xero is a simple time and cost tracking tool that:

  • Focuses on the financial side of project management.
  • Integrates with key Xero features, including contacts, invoicing, and very soon bills and bank reconciliation.
  • Provides flexible, easy project invoicing.
  • Supports fixed price and time billing.
  • Monitors project budgets and financials.

What’s coming?

Xero is building deeper reporting and insights so you can really break down your costs and where your team’s time is being spent. They're also working on a bunch of other goodness:

  • Project user permissions
  • Timesheet insights and reporting
  • Project templates
  • Integration with Xero Quotes
  • Integration with Xero Expenses
  • Xero Payroll integration
  • iOS and Android apps

Want in?

Small businesses

If you’re a small business with simple costing needs, projects is likely the perfect solution for you. Simply reach out to our Xero team at Alliotts on 09 520 9200 and let us know you’re keen to get on board. We'll be able to help you decide if it’s a good fit, then activate projects and you’re good to go.

We can’t wait to see you and your business reap the benefits of this fantastic tool, so seize your chance to experience projects and give it a whirl today.

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