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Anthony McIlroy
Published on

When speaking with your current accountant, do they have a good handle on what drives your business:

  1. consultant-710Do they understand the margins expected in the trades and, more importantly advise on strategies to improve these?
  2. Do they know what the current charge out rates are for your team and whether you are under or over the industry standard?
  3. Do they know how to advise on generating better cash flow in the construction sector?
  4. Do they understand the varying legislation and compliance you are increasingly having to undertake? Can they advise on some of the available solutions out there to reduce this burden?
  5. Are they connected with other professionals working in the trade sector that you can be referred to if you need extra help?
  6. Are they giving you the right advice on how to protect you and your family if an event of financial trouble occurred?If you aren’t getting this level of service from your accountant then they probably aren’t helping you reach your full potential and not reaching your full potential is losing you money. 
However, if you want to change that, please give Alliotts in Auckland a call today on 09 520 9200 to discuss how to unlock that potential. What have you got to lose?

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