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Get paid on time, every time, with GoCardless

Ensure you get paid on time, every time

xero-ipad-981GoCardless allows you to take control of your payments, ensuring your invoices get paid on time, every time via Direct Debit. With automatic reconciliation in Xero, GoCardless improves your cash flow and reduces your admin. Join over 35,000 businesses round the world and say goodbye to late payments forever.

Adding GoCardless as a payment service in Xero is simple. Give your customers the option to pay via GoCardless in just a few clicks:

Get connected

The GoCardless for Xero app connects GoCardless to your Xero account. If you don’t have a GoCardless account already, you can easily create one from within the app.

Set up direct debits

Send requests to customers to set up online direct debit authorities and authorise direct debit payment. You can import existing GoCardless authorities into Xero and automatically match them to your customers too.

Manage payments

Automatically collect payments on the invoice due date. Funds are automatically received in your bank account two days after the customer is charged. Collect payments in NZD, AUD, Pounds and Euros.

Sync with Xero

Once you’ve received payment, the relevant invoice is automatically marked as paid and the GoCardless fee is instantly posted as an expense. Real-time notifications of any failed payments mean you always know where you stand.

Get started with GoCardless for Xero

Getting started is straightforward. Talk with the Alliotts team in Auckland about setting up a GoCardless account and connecting your Xero account to the GoCardless for Xero app.

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