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Greg Millar
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Alliotts team building taken to whole new level

The Alliotts team stepped out of ‘office casual’ attire last Friday and into fatigues to take part in Action Matakana’s Obstacle Course.

0218 Action Matakana Team Purple-186Located 50 minutes north of Auckland in the heart of Matakana, Max Carpenter, an ex-military officer, created the ultimate team experience with an onsite team-building venue. His experience with corporate development includes large international companies, sports teams, military groups and schools.

Alliott’s activity of choice was the punishing 3-kilometre course – an epic series of challenging, military-style obstacles consisting of 34 obstacles including mud runs and 3-metre walls!

“I think we will all agree the challenge pushed us to our limits but what a sense of achievement at the end,” says Practice Manager Jill Peach. “Well done to Greg’s yellow team for winning the quiz section and Vanessa’s purple team for winning the ‘hell course’.”

“The way each team came together to support each individual through the challenges was fantastic and totally in line with the team building aspect of the day!”

Congratulations to every participant for completing the whole course! We have the bruises to prove that we were no slouches when it came to enduring every inch of the mud swim, tunnels and high walls but it’s totally worth it.


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