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Vanessa Williams
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Online hotline to accounts processing and bookkeeping services for NZ small and medium business.

remote virtual office desk-867ALLIOTT NZ in Auckland has become the latest accounting firm to tap into small and medium business needs, launching its Ontop Outsourcing service, a cloud-based bookkeeping service to the NZ market.

Alliotts’ new offering is a virtual bookkeeping service on a monthly subscription model, presenting NZ’s business owners with a cloud-based system that gives a real-time view of key financials.

Tapping into business needs

NZ business owners feed their company data into Xero to give a real-time view of their business finances. If required Alliotts can also provide extra input on how to run reports from Xero to show cash position, gross profit or even debtor aging in order to keep on top of key metrics and make better-informed decisions.

‘From start-ups to established enterprises, helping business owners to be financially organised’

Commenting on the new offering, Vanessa Williams, Alliotts Director, said: “We’ve designed this service to help start-ups as well as established businesses to be financially well organised. It is intended to deliver insight and alleviate many of the longstanding headaches entrepreneurs and business owners can typically face when crunching their numbers each month.”

“When developing Alliotts Ontop Outsourcing, we collaborated with offshore bookkeeping experts to understand what makes a difference to their clients’ businesses. As a result, we now offer an on-shore solution for NZ business owners to supplement their core bookkeeping function via the cloud.”

“Being local, we can then assist with cash flow forecasting, creating budgets or attracting investment if any issues emerge as a result of what the financials are telling us.”
Click here to find out more about Alliotts’ Ontop Outsourcing for your business bookkeeping, or call us in Auckland today on 09 520 9200.

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