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Vanessa Williams
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1017 Greg at Alliott Group conference Sydney-188 Alliott NZ joined leading consultants to the accountancy and legal professions and 74 professional advisors from 52 Alliott Group member firms in 26 countries to learn how to improve their firms and how to help clients to do the same, particularly when business extends across geographic borders.  

The worldwide conference is the association’s flagship annual event and enables carefully selected member firms from all over the globe to develop the strong personal relationships that will ensure clients receive first class service from talented, senior professionals whenever they need to be referred to an Alliott Group colleague in a different city or country.

Greg, Vanessa and the team returned to Auckland with a greater appreciation of the tax, compliance and legal complexities of doing business in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the opportunities presented by Australia’s open economy. According to Austrade, the Australian Government’s Trade & Investment Commission, Australia is the world’s 13th largest economy with GDP of US$1.3 trillion and is “forecast to realise average annual real GDP growth of 2.9% over the next five years, the highest among major advanced economies.” Australia is also well positioned as a trade and investment hub for international companies doing business with Asia.

Alliott NZ delegates also attended specialist meetings focused on legal, international tax, corporate finance and M&A, and global mobility where views were exchanged on the likely impact on foreign businesses and internationally mobile individuals of major international developments such as President Trump’s U.S. immigration reforms, the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project (BEPS) and the UK’s proposed exit from the European Union in March 2019.

Director Greg Millar said, “Our attendance at this year’s Alliott Group Worldwide Conference has strengthened further our international network of professional contacts. Whenever our clients need assistance in unfamiliar locations, we can reach out to Alliott Group colleagues whom we know personally and whom we trust to handle our clients’ business with maximum care and efficiency.”  

Alliott NZ is a New Zealand Top 30 accounting firm. Read more here.

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