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Greg Millar
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International alliance of professional firms, Alliott Group, is main focus in latest edition of GameChangers magazine, leading publication for internationally focused companies and investors. 

chess strategy-944 An indepth interview with Alliott Group Chairman John Kleopas focused on what makes Alliott Group different in the professional services marketplace and how group members aims to simplify cross-border business.

“Cross-border business can be complex with the raft of compliance, tax, legal, HR and audit issues that need to be considered,” says Kleopas. “However, one of Alliott Group’s top level objectives is to make cross-border business easier by ensuring organisations involved in cross-border business have a clear choice when they need help.”

“Alliott Group have handpicked the best, owner managed, local professional firms in all of the markets where we have a presence.”
Kleopas gives interesting insights into the ambitions of the alliance, making it clear that the Alliott Group wants to 'own the category' and 'actively pursue the gap in the market' that exists for a more tailored approach to providing professional advice in the world's main commercial centres. 

“Alliott Group is a game changer in that we are looking to introduce something new and different that will stand out in the crowded professional services marketplace, and that will ultimately make cross-border business more simple.”

Importance of strong personal relationships key to Alliott Group's success.

“Many clients tell us that the service experience is unique – our members are not only colleagues, but also good friends - they provide the type of VIP service that can only result from the inherent desire of each and every member to serve a new client in the way they would want their own client to be served.”

Kleopas also believes that the depth of expertise available from Alliott Group member firms is extensive. Many of the partners running group member firms have large firm, international experience and have subsequently set up their own businesses, preferring the flexibility and more hands-on approach a smaller firm can provide. This has, for example, resulted in profound know-how in mergers and acquisitions, international tax and corporate finance.
Click here to read the full interview in GameChangers magazine. 

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