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Business plans help businesses prosper

Written by Greg Millar on July 12th, 2021.      0 comments

success-182Business Plans are like maps for tourists. You need a plan for where you’re going to go, what you want to look at, where you’re going to stay and, if you deviate off track, you need to be able to identify where you are and then navigate to get back onto your original path. Planning a business activity is very similar.


Business brainstorming

Written by Vanessa Williams on July 5th, 2021.      0 comments

barcode head-448Great businesses and projects start with an initial idea. BRAINSTORMING is the process of developing ideas that can be implemented in successful businesses. Occasionally, brilliant ideas can ‘just happen’… but more often, they are the product of a rigorous process. For more on how to brainstorm ideas, read on…

Getting the Most from Your Financial Statements

Written by Greg Millar on June 14th, 2021.      0 comments

consultant-885What Best Practices should you follow when conducting a Financial Review to ensure your decision-making is based on a thorough understanding of your business? This article provides pointers to help you get the most out of your Financial Statements.

Xero pricing changes in NZ

Written by Greg Millar on June 7th, 2021.      0 comments

xero platinum logo 210x70 px-629From 23 September 2021, the monthly retail price of Xero Business Edition plans in NZ is changing.

Google pulling the plug on Cookies

Written by Vanessa Williams on June 3rd, 2021.      0 comments

donut doughnut-694With Google pulling the plug on Cookies, it’s imperative to get on the front foot now. Learn how to provide appropriate transparency into your practices and pivot your business to be prepared for regulatory changes as they come.

Bitcoin crash wakeup call (Chinese version)

Written by Vanessa Williams on June 1st, 2021.      0 comments

cryptocurrencyCryptocurrency including Bitcoin “tanked” after Elon Musk voiced his concerns. Chinese business owners may prefer to read this version, prepared by Beth Yang.

Alliott Global Alliance APAC promotions and appointments

Written by Vanessa Williams on May 31st, 2021.      0 comments

AGA square icon (100x100)Alliott Global Alliance is pleased to share news of some of the latest promotions and appointments from across our member firms in the APAC region.

Bitcoin crash wakeup call

Written by Vanessa Williams on May 26th, 2021.      0 comments

cryptocurrencyCryptocurrency including Bitcoin has “tanked” over the past few weeks after Elon Musk voiced his concerns.

Business Valuation. What Is Your Business Worth?

Written by Greg Millar on May 24th, 2021.      0 comments

business for sale-340Building a business can be a long, challenging process. One way to assess how you are doing is to VALUE your business… and then try to grow that valuation. This keeps management on track and is interesting to sellers, investors or lenders. In this article, we look at how to go about valuing your business.

Be your best tradie with the right tech

Written by Vanessa Williams on May 17th, 2021.      0 comments

xero-platinum-partner-badge-RGB-608How can tradespeople go about streamlining their business and help set themselves up for success?


When is the Right Time to Sell Your Business

Written by Greg Millar on May 10th, 2021.      0 comments

business for sale-340We may not get to choose exactly when to sell (or ‘exit’) our business or the terms of that sale. But we can try to control the process so we get the outcomes we want. This article provides guidelines on preparing to sell your business, whether the sale is imminent… or a decade or more away.

Xero Multi-Factor Authentication

Written by Vanessa Williams on May 3rd, 2021.      0 comments

xero-platinum-partner-badge-RGB-608To make sure Xero users continue to have account security, Xero is making Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) mandatory for all Xero customers globally in the year ahead.


Managing Cash Flow Through Scenario Planning

Written by Greg Millar on April 27th, 2021.      0 comments

green light-658How are you forecasting cash flow in these uncertain times? Whether your business is thriving or under pressure, precise cash flow management is important, especially in an unpredictable environment. Scenario planning is one way businesses can strategise about their future and make better decisions. 

Knowing your financials is vital for success in 2021

Written by Vanessa Williams on April 19th, 2021.      0 comments

xero platinum logo 210x70 px-6292020 lost some great companies, and the years to come will take more. So how can you begin protecting yourself and your investments when the landscape is still shifting below our feet?

Tesla’s Rise Reveals Weak Points of Indexing

Written by Michael Beech on April 12th, 2021.      0 comments

2017 Michael Beech-431Index additions and deletions are typically a routine affair, but the recent announcement by S&P that Tesla would be added to the widely tracked S&P 500 Index stirred up quite a lot of attention.

Real estate sector allowable deductions

Written by Greg Millar on April 6th, 2021.      0 comments

race-341Real estate operators claiming private expenses, but not keeping logbooks or other business records to support a deduction, are on the IRD's radar.

NZ Paid parental leave

Written by Vanessa Williams on March 29th, 2021.      0 comments

dad and bub-468Now’s the time to let staff know applying for paid parental leave just got easier.

NZ Brightline rules and interest deductibility

Written by Vanessa Williams on March 24th, 2021.      0 comments

house hands-626In an effort to control rising house prices, the NZ government has implemented tax changes in regard to residential investment properties.


NZ minimum wage increase

Written by Greg Millar on March 22nd, 2021.      0 comments

employees-352The minimum wage is increasing on 1 April 2021. Are you ready?


Filing your EOY Tax post COVID-19

Written by Greg Millar on March 15th, 2021.      0 comments

deadline-225From new rules to keep cash flowing to staff reimbursements and allowances, we've got you covered this tax time.